A growing belly with precious <3

Yesterday marks the week 24th of my preggy journey; both myself & baby girl is healthy – so far so good eh!

And I still cannot comprehend the chemistry between a father & daughter; Hubbie is getting really protective over our baby girl even before she’s born. Even the slightest thing (i.e. nurse shaking my belly to wake the baby girl up during detail scan at week 20) agitate him – fearing that it causes discomfort to his baby girl, more so than his wife discomfort eh. *grumbling*

Then I thought to myself – I too was/am my daddy’s precious girl.

What a twist in life; interesting. 


Three Proposal & One Enlightenment;

More often than not; I hear people says opposite attracts and that’s how it each couple gets together and got married thereafter. At that point of time, I couldn’t really relate the logic behind this sentence and how does it define he or she is meant for each other? Is love really that simple – only because opposite attracts?

When he first proposed; I shy away. When he proposed the second time in the following year; the question of how then is right still linger in my head. Then he proposed the third time; and I gave a quiet yes.

Nearing 2 years of marriage; I began to feel and see the actual meaning of opposite attracts. In my own interpretation; I think it’s the mighty self that’s beneath our conscious mind that guide us to our life time partner. I recalled of a few occasion on how would I deal with the situation encountered versus my Hubby of way of dealing it – one thing for sure, I wouldn’t have gave in the way he would to me.

He has a bigger accepting heart that I do; probably the missing part that my subconscious self realised and helped me to find a partner who have this quality to fulfil the Self & I of me. In short; we complete each other in a way or another. I couldn’t be more thankful even though we pick on each other a lot. 😛

With love & blessed; as we continue this journey together.



这一趟让我感到生命如此脆弱;家人的陪伴和支持真的很可贵。健康才是福;我这才深深的体会到。有多少的财富和物质上的享受,没有了健康 和爱人/家人的陪伴 – 还有什么意义呢?

所以啊,我亲爱的爸爸妈妈;你们一定要好好的照顾自己的身体,健健康康的 。我还有很多地方要带你们去品尝美食哦。


The Final Event Of Our Life; Death

Life all along; has been a series of event and the biggest event planning i felt – apart from marriage is death. And yet; not many has planned for death (the second biggest event in life), leaving the love ones behind feeling lost and heartbroken.

In my current twenties of age; the news being delivered to my ears were the increasing number of wedding invitation & baby first month celebration – so does death counts. This is like a life-awakening call to myself; that life can be so unpredictable at times and not to be taken for granted.

News of people that i’ve known passed away has raised an subconscious alarm bell on me; that i have two hidden fear in me. One is the disturbing thought that where do i actually go after death and second is how do i cope/manage if my loved ones has left before me. And these had got me into a panic-attack state of mood recently. How can life be so fragile at times, i asked.

All along i have associate death with aging until recent years, i felt that death has nothing much to do with old age but more on fate instead.

Hence, a constant reminder to myself – embrace every single moments in life and appreciate what life has given me so far; with love.



The Thoughts Behind Reality

More often than not; successful people said ‘don’t underestimate your own thinking and it’s exactly that thinking of yours that brings you the reality that you’re facing today’. And many would have decipher that into “think of becoming rich and you’ll be rich or visualise of what you want to become of and you’ll be eventually”. Hence, i tried and keep visualising but i made no progress at all and began to question the concept this attraction law. Like seriously, how does it works or it has a deeper meaning that i failed to comprehend?

I was thinking how exactly it affects the reality of a human being; whether was it just the thinking itself or the subconscious mind that manipulates the reality of what we thought we’re thinking this way but innerly we’re actually ‘thinking’ the other way. And what actually affects our subconscious mind is the key to change one’s thinking, i thought. Was it life experience or family upbringing that control our subconscious – or probably both. And so; subconscious tie in with belief which utimately gives you the reality that you’re positioned currently.

Am i now confusing myself or what? Hmmmm…… 



Positive energy has been depleting from my ‘mind.body.soul’ recently and i often find myself in a “pity-party” situation more often than i care to admit. Even waking to the sound of raindrops makes me feel depress which i used to find it comforting and smoothing.

It’s like the more i tried to balance certain things in life; that certain things sure gone wrong somehow or somewhere. And soon i realised – was it accepting the way it was or how it should be, without the purpose to try to balance it and ‘taa-daaa….’; it’s balanced on its own good?!

In-between the rains and the moving clouds;


Her Read: Committed

Her Read: Committed

It’s an interesting read of marriage research that the author has carried out – in search of finding an answer to convince herself into matrimony.

A struggle between her definition of happiness and the reality; does the piece of marriage certificate really plays such a major role in one’s love life?